Friday, January 24, 2014

Tag- Zentangle

Here is a Zentangle I been trying to do more and more it is
hanging in my art room I love trying new ones all the time they
send me a e-mail every week if I think I can make it I will try
and this one dont look so bad I made a new ATC today and I will scan it tomorrow , Thank you for dropping by.
MaryRedford   1/23/14

Angel Tag #2

Here is a tag I had sent a lady friend a Angel tag BC she was  sick , we try and send something to your house if  you are under the weather and if Jennie fine out your sick if she dont have time  she will ask some to angel a card for her and of course I will try ,,, Thank you for dropping by : MaryRedford 1/23/14

Christmas tags

Yes Christmas are so much fun to make this one has pretty
paper on the background and has Santa , and he is on a
smaller tag and I had added it to the big tag with a deer
at the top added a doilly on the right side and Merry Christmas and the yr with the number 25 on the bottom
of the tagand I added some words to the tag also,  it was fun to do I just love doing these tags ,
Thank you for dropping by my bog, MaryRedford

Christmas Tag for a friend

Here is a Christmas tag I send a lady that dont stamp any more so when I can I make sure I send her some thing that is specail to her and I know she loves the stuff I send
we meet on line and I think our grand son lived next door to us and that was when he was like 5 and she has hear of him all his life thru me  and now he is like 19 yrs old and has a baby of his own so JO and I been friends 19 yrs and we have never meet one of these day s I would love to meet her for sure take care and god bless , thank you for stopping by my bog , MaryRedford   1/23/14

Angel Tag

These are made for some one that needs a angel to watch over them or if they lost a love one I love sending some thing that would just put a smile on there face even if it for a Second  or 2
So if your one of these people that gets a angel from me I hope it made you feel just a little better no matter what your going thruand I did make a diffrent that day. thank you for hopping in my bog and have a great night , MaryRedford 1/23/14

Tag / Happy Birthday

This tag was made for a birthday in stead of a card and I think they all made her ATC's its a year to year swap each month there diffrent people B-day so they make ATC's and I didnt get in it that swap, when when it some ones b-day and if iam not so busy I send what ever iam in to at the moment thank you for looking at my art I love comments please leave me one ,
                  MaryRedford 1/23/14

Tag for a friend ..

Life is a perfect journey
 This was made  for a friend  that wanted a bird on a fence but
 this  one is on a branch I had made a card like this one with out the back ground it was done with chalks and stamps I really like the card it came out wonderful and it had a sun set on that card I did it for a challenge card in an Asian group, thank you for dropping by my bog today.
 MaryRedford 1/23/14

Doll Tag

This one is a real stamps I call them paper dolls but they are a stamp and then I stamp them again to get the clothers as you see the top is differnt than the bottom of the dress and these dolls are really tall so I cut the legs down to get it to fit on the tag and them I add the rest of the flowers and the hearts  the ribbon these dolls has no face and i did try and add a face to them and it made her face look fat , omg we cant have a fat face lol  no it just didnt look right  thank you I in joy you caming by to look at my art , MaryRedford   1/23/14


Here is a tag I made for a friend some time I angle a card for the group and end up making a tag instead of a card I love making tags it a change to cards and ATC's thank you for stoping by my bog I love sharing with you my art. MaryRedford 1/23/14