Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wall Paper & Ink

Here is one I did with wall paper and you tear it up in small pieces  and then you glue them to a    8 1/2 X 11 sheet of Card  stock and cover the whole thing .(Thank you LindaLee) she tought me how to do this one .Then after you have coved it with the wall paper you Take Ink any color you like  add the color when you get it coved you take a damp paper towel and clean off the extra ink and you will come up with something like this as you see this looks like a stone wall...



Saran Wrap and a Napkin

So here it is I didnt have any butcher paper with wax on it. So I took some cardsrock and some Saran Wrap and a Napkin and pulled a part the white paper under the nakin and layered the cardstock first and then the Saran Wrap and the Napkin on top. Then I  Ironed them all together and this is what I have left look like a big piece of card stock . Now you can use it as a back ground OR you can cut it in to ATC, your choice. Have fuin  with it ..

Fall ATC's Book

These are ATC's and we are going to get a book made from MC she is the host and she will make the book  this ia a swap from OSA .... Thank you for looking at  my art.  MaryR.       

Wild Card Challenge # JUGS156

Here is my card I made for this new site I made to night its called , Just Us Girls  Cute , huh  so the theme was numbers on your card , So I   did a Halloween Card I hope you at Just Us Girls
 will like my card  Thank you for looking ..

Mary Redford