Monday, December 17, 2012

Coffeefilter book 2012

Here is a book  iam working on i dont have a lot done yet
these are all for a Christmas book  we will See if I get all 25 done or not ....Thank you for stoping by :

Mary Redford

A Lottery ATC for Jeannie ATC----Fun Group

.Here is a ATC  I made for the lottery for Dec. we have alottery in our group ATC___fun  and they made the owner the name of the theme this month of Dec and this is what I made for her thank you all for doing this and I think it was Reaven that did this theme it came out with alot of color it looks real  sitting in the garden. Thankyoufor dropping by my blog you know it mean a lot to me when you drop by and leave me a comment it's telling me . that you love what I do .
Thank you