Monday, April 8, 2013


Here is a new one I made to day and I was looking at them on linbe and I love looking at Zentangles  so this is one I was messing around with . I just need to work harder Thanks for looking at my art.MaryRedford 4/8/13

ZenTangle ATC

This is a Zentangle   MaryWalker  sent me and I made one off of it  and I didnt know if  it would come out Ok but I sent it to a friend Pat walker and she told me it was real good I chnage it a little so no one would thing I copyed it I did it my self This lady named MaryW , had told me just keep looking at what you want to draw and it will be ok as you see I did it OK  ,I really was proud of this one BC I havent done any in about 3 MOS and I did this one and 4 more too .Thank you Mary Walker !!!MaryRedford 4/8/13

OSA # 211

Here is a challenge card I did for the OSA and it came out Ok as you can see It not from point to point But I did try and I couldnt decided what size the squares was post to be, I had a hard time makeing this one... Thank you for looking at my art, and dropping by my bog.MaryRedford 4/8/13

OSA Challenge Card

This card was for the OSA Challenge for the colorse lanver and Pink ,I think and so I just added the lady to this card and it all worked so much together ,I was going to make her colthers like lavend and pink but I was afraid it would just fadein to the back ground and then I added the pearls at the top Right Thank you for dropping by my bog.  MaryRedford   4/8/13

OSA #214

This is a card you where to make a large and a small of the same emage and so, This is what I came up with and the koi's came out real nice ,These was made ON a shiney paper I used it on the gelli  plate and that how i made the back ground it looks like the Ocean That s why I use it .thank you for coming by my bog .MaryRedford4/8/13