Saturday, September 11, 2010

Art Tags {Halloween}

here is some tags I had done for a swap and its for halloween and I destress the side of each tag and I sprayed the matted look on the out side of the tag so they wont be to shiney.... they come out great!! thank you for looking at my blog,,,, have a great weekend /.


Faux art Stamps

Here 's the grid and the stamp's I made  the #1 is the grid
and the #2 some Asain stamps I done  #3 is the blues set
this is my first time making these and the look so good I suprise  my self some time with my art,Thank you for stoping by to see what I have done.....Thanks !!


lottery ATC

This is a card for lottery for Sept for ATC-Fun, and the card is small this scanner grrrr...I not say any more I bet you been there once ....thank you for droping by......


pumpkins ATC's

Here some pumpkins I made for a swap and these are ATC's also, one is for the host and the rest will be traded for the swap,I even hand made the strips for a diff back ground  just  solmething diffrent... Thanks for droping by today....


ATC's Thanks givin...

These are some early ATC's I made for in -joy these ATC's  thank you ...

Halloween Card

Here ias a card i made and sent to some new ladies i just meet I didnt sent to OSA BC its not a Asian card but happy Halloween all and its 9/11/10 and all is well and god is good this year!!! thank you for droping by..I love up loading my art
In-Joy ................