Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cards

This is a card I made from some 20 stack
I bought  from a friend That I know it come out real nice..I want to thank her for doing this for me some of these cards I didnt even have the stamps
and she even stamps them for me and mail them to me and I finished them my self.
thank you all for a great christmasfull of hand made cards and thank you SU for having rubber stamps.


Christmas Inchies 12/2009

Thes are the first Inchies I made for this
Group and they are snow flaks and I added
glitter to it it looks like shinnie but you cant see
it here ,I sent them to Ali and I hope she liked them we are making 100 in 30 days i think,,,,,these was the first ones and the other ones came up first..some stuff on this PC iam not too good with,,,like chan geing stuff it not me....
Just me ...thanks for  looking

Christmas Inchies

This set of inchies are from a 4x5stamp I have then you cut the inchies into 1x1's but the are Christmas
ones only scaner isnt working to good that why the bad pix's thanks for looking...