Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Cards 2012 #6

Here is a pretty white and red card with a ribbon it and it was embossed folder of Christmas flowers and a Season greeting on the front and a nice saying inside . Thank you for droping by.

Christmas Card 2012/ #5

Here is a real pretty card it had a punched oput tree golb with a hand made scored back ground  and I tryed to do some pricing around the golb but with the dot thing I have I need to do it before you attch to the  card .. thank you for droping by ..... MaryR


Christmas Cards 2012 # 4

here one I made with the mittens and a Merry Christmas and a green ribbon, thank you for staoping by my site.

Christmas card 2012 / #3

Here is a card I made for a lady that sells SU and she had a diffrence flowers but I through it looks good
I love the way it opens and has the window and has a saying in side too thank you for stoping by . I will be up loading some more card in due time thank you .

Mary Redford