Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Olka Trip

Will we have been able to up load and picture on this blog and we dont know why I had contacted yahoo 3 or 4 times and they never e-mailed me back and so I will just used this as a dariey I guess and so here it is , We went to OLKA OLKA. on the 29 of june and we meet Claudine and family and Dillon and Jorden was already there he is station there and they live off of the base , they have a nice little apt there , we went on base and walked on the base had to get a pass to be on base and how ever days you will be coming back. so we did that it tookabout 30 min's we went on the base and they had a lot of old flag's and old guns and things from WW2 and it was alsome to go see these things and had relpea's of real people that severiced......and we was ther like 3 days the first day we didnt do much Andy Claudine husband took all of us to dinner, and before we left We took them to Dinner we had a great time and saw them we hadnt seen them in 3 yrs I think we talk on the phone but thats not like see her every day ....
June 29 thru july3 I think