Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Asian Doll

Here is the doll that Terri Williams made this doll for was to be a bed doll but I set it on the top od the small heater in the living when she sent it to me and there it  sits in my living room and thats so I can see it every day and I didnt want it to be on the bed BC the cats might get to it and think it was a toy ,Iam so proud of what she created with out a pattern so if you are in the mood of  doll for your bed or just to have one for my friend , doll let me know  and I'll get a hiold of Terri and Iam sure shewill make you proud and of course she signs them
Thank you Terri.....your the best.
PS if you think your saw it on FB you did while she was making it Thank you for coming by my bog.



Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Card #8

This card I saw it on Amy's weeks of Christmas and I wanted to do her proud, I Love watching her do her cards and her videos and I never saw any one take a small punch and use it for a in dent for the bakers twine so I did learn some thing new and I love the white on white I didnt think I would but it so eleglent Thank you Amy , you insprier me all the time. and I know you are busy with the shop and the kids and they family but there is some of ladies you help out here on line . Thank you  So much ....
Mary Redford

Christmas Card # 7

I watch a video the other night and saw this card so I wanted to try and make it as you know the PC dont do cards justeice when you are looking at white on white so the 2 inches around this card is glittler and then I made the snowman and just markers to add some color to it and the Marry Christmas is stamped in black ink and there is a veres in side . Thank you for coming by my bog.....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Cards 2012 #6

Here is a pretty white and red card with a ribbon it and it was embossed folder of Christmas flowers and a Season greeting on the front and a nice saying inside . Thank you for droping by.

Christmas Card 2012/ #5

Here is a real pretty card it had a punched oput tree golb with a hand made scored back ground  and I tryed to do some pricing around the golb but with the dot thing I have I need to do it before you attch to the  card .. thank you for droping by ..... MaryR


Christmas Cards 2012 # 4

here one I made with the mittens and a Merry Christmas and a green ribbon, thank you for staoping by my site.

Christmas card 2012 / #3

Here is a card I made for a lady that sells SU and she had a diffrence flowers but I through it looks good
I love the way it opens and has the window and has a saying in side too thank you for stoping by . I will be up loading some more card in due time thank you .

Mary Redford

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanksgiving Card for Kathy

This card is for my sister Kathy I havn't got to see much of her I was gone a long time and she has been siock a long time and then her daughter took her in , we moved back to Indiana in 2011 and now I get to go see her once in a while  she is in a nursing home now and she is doing real good now Iam so glad she went to that place its so much better for her , she is my sister and  kathy ,  Lori  my seft  are The  only girls that is left now Karen , Chris, Sharon, beverly,  is all
 gone home to see our god.
I need to go see her as much as I can
 Love you all !

OSA Challgene # 197

Here is a new Card I made for the OSA Challegne for today Sunrday. I would love to trade for with some one that just starting out and want to just make a B&W card with out all the  stuff going thru with a all color card you have to do but I decided to do this black and white the black paper I use was new to me and I love the texture it has on it Thank you ( GinnyM ) for letting me know you was selling paper  I love this back and read paper I bough , and iam sorry I dont know her e-mail address but you will fine in in the group some where  than k you for droping by .