Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Koi card

I just made this card with a koi on the front with a Asain Coin, it has yellow pretty paper behine it and it blends
very nicely...Thank you for stoping by.

Black and white Thanks ! Card

This is the Card that GinaK  made on  today on
her  web site ad I made it too but Changed the flower.( didnt have the same Flower set)!
 I scored it  on all sides . thank you for coming by...MaryR.

Cloth Book

This is a cloth book we made this in a
swap ,#1/#2 is the front and back cove
I like doing this one and i might do a new one when i get more time and get moved and all my stuff is out so i can use it right,
and get some more cloth right to make it
and use the sewing machine, thanks for coming by.....

Enveople book

This is a book I had made from a group I was in and a lady Gave me the enveoples they open up at the end of it,
 There is 5 pages and the last one was to show the rings >>>>>>>#2
to hold it all together and the ribbons  Bc i didnt have a
machine to put the coil on it so i used rings..

>>>>>>>>>all tohether after it was all donew/ ribbons

ATC's Dragon Swap

Thes was made from Pictures I found on the web BC, I didnt have any rubber stamps and I might say they come out
very nice the colors are very nice rich and warm, The green baby dragon is my fav,

Greeting Card

My butterfly matched the green card so good I
had to put it all together!! Green is my color ,This was from  a Challenge OSA also....!!
Thanks for stoping by...

Chunkie House

This is the first one I have ever made .... the ladies are playing music and that why I used the piano strips,At the bottom of the house there is 2 dominos coved up with a stamps emage on it as the tree branch's Plus I had to add the butterflies.
thanks for looking at my art.....

ATC's Asain for trade

These are made to Trade if you would like to trade with me just ask card #1 has been  given away to a friend top left is #1 then so the next card is #2 then so , Just let me know ,Thank for looking !!

greeting card OSA

This card was made from a challenge from a Group OSA and it was a layout too lots of color...
I liked doing this one too .....this was done in June 2010.

gretting card

This card was made from SU work shop and it is cut out by a cutterbug or somthing like it and some bambo string worked around it Opens uo from the bottom up! very eazy to make ......

New happy birthday Card

This card I got of the web and made it from a
sketch or lay out and it was a happy flower .
so I made it as a B-day Card...
thanks for looking...

A for you card

Just a gretting card, this Card was made at a SU work shop It has green and 1/2 circle and buttons
and the are in diffrence colors behine the buttons,
it could be any kind of gretting card ,,, Thank you for looking.....

Happy Birthday

This is made at home for a Friend for her
Birthday! It is Mde of SU pretty paper  and a
Rose and ribbon from Su also,it was fun to make this card, thank you for coming,