Thursday, December 15, 2011

My MerMaid

Here is my  mermaid I made for a 1/1 swap she is made from a ten plate and the green bottom is glettlier and the tops is made from card stock with heavy cardboard on the back
So that the face will not  fall it is of Hard clay I hand made it,
and the hair is made of  a fine ribbon and fibers..
thank you for looking .....

OSA #136

This is a pot of flowers that had tiped over as you can see what they do is give you a  tenplate and you make
what ever you like but it has to be something Asain.
Thanks for looking , I know it dont look to much Asain to me either...................

OSA challenge #135

I made this card for OSA challenge  this is of blue pokiedot paper with a light blue layer it 2 times with a Asian Friend symbol , Thank you for looking , in jan of 2012 I will try and keep this year up better than 2011.


Merry Christmas

Here is the card I made to post on your blog Diane I hope you like it, this is my frist time doing this on your blog , I Hope iam doing it right ....