Friday, March 7, 2014

Zen LOvers

Here is a Zen I saw on the web and through I would try it and it came out Ok I like the way the yellow added to it and I love the way the flowers look, abd then zen in to the dirt and it looks Ok  and the there s the yellow you have to have a bit of sunshine in your art ...Thank you for coming by my blog ,MaryRedford  3/7/14

Happy Birthday Card

Here is a card I made for My husbands sister birthday and it look me 2 days to make it I love the way the flowers came out and they are 2 diffrent die and a punch  and the I have a poike dot embossing floder and I use it on the dark blue paper, the leaves are from a company that went out so I cant remember there name and the pearls are some green and some are white ....I wanted to mix them and I wrote a poem for the in side. thank you for dropping by my blog , MaryRedford 3/7/14

With Sympathy

Here is a pretty pattern paper and the Wheel is green but it is real light these are another one of the 6 I had made and now I will make some more when I give these away  this one is with Symathy, and I put a small note  inside.....thank you for dropping by my blog , MaryRedford 3/7/14

Thinking of you

Here is a new card I had done these are 4x4's and I really like these it didnt take to long to make them I made like 6 diffrent ones ,Thank you for droipping by my blog , MaryRedford   3 / 7/14

Polishstone Crane Bird

Here is my card I had made for OSA Polishstone  challenge and the way you do it is you use a shiney paper and 3 diffrent colors and just reguarl  alcohol and some cotton and then you add the Alcohol first and then you add the colors one at a time and so I used a tan a clost to cocoa and the a real dark Cho-Chip .....and then I used a crane Stamp  with some others Asian stamps the one at the bottom means Harmony and the one at the top is my singer stamp Whitch I really like a lot its like a stamp a postman would use. Thank you for coming by my blog and I will try and up dats some more of my cards, MaryRedford  3/7/14