Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snowman 4x4's

This is the snow man I made from a 4x4
and it my  fav time of the yr,  this snowman is so cute and it Red Christmas Flowers,  and the Red Bird on his hat, Thank you for looking at my blog , do what i do and just keep arting it UP!!

Christmas 4x4's HO HO HO !!

These are 4x4's Christmas Cards  I belong to this group that we do all size's in this group and I love this one the Santa is so
bright and it a great card........
 just keep arting it  UP!!

christmas cards ands ATC's I have made

These are real Christmas cards and we made atc of
them we call the remakes of old Christmas cards
like 2008 real Christmascards, I love the way they
come out!!Do as I do and all you love to do
But what ever you love to do but just keep arting it UP!!......................