Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Asian Doll

Here is the doll that Terri Williams made this doll for was to be a bed doll but I set it on the top od the small heater in the living when she sent it to me and there it  sits in my living room and thats so I can see it every day and I didnt want it to be on the bed BC the cats might get to it and think it was a toy ,Iam so proud of what she created with out a pattern so if you are in the mood of  doll for your bed or just to have one for my friend , doll let me know  and I'll get a hiold of Terri and Iam sure shewill make you proud and of course she signs them
Thank you Terri.....your the best.
PS if you think your saw it on FB you did while she was making it Thank you for coming by my bog.