Sunday, September 13, 2009


These are the rest
of the cards we made that day , they are dark to look at on here but they are pretty when you have them in your hand ,
who know s I might make halloween card's next......thank you for looking at my

WorkShop from SU!!

Work shop cards
we made these at a work shop from Dianne's SU..... I just love the way they are put together except I turned the card up instead of the fold on the side ,I rather the fold be on the top as on the side......

My $x4 Asain Girl

This is a Asain Girl I made ,its a 4x4 and I had made a atc from this girls face first and then when i saw it I had to make a 4x4 with some other things on it also .......I hope you are injoying my blog better....I'am trying to make it better
some of my atc aren't good they look like they are to small for the space i have for eit I'am useing a scanner for my office printer and its not the right one to be useing..thank you for looking a my art.

Puzzle piece's

These are a 3x3 pieces I had my friend make some of these and then I made some of these I arted them up my self.....she {Billie} draw out the puzzle it self as you can see they are all the same except the one with love on it that the first one I made , that was taken off of a post card I had made so I just copyed it so I could use the letters
and the flowers and then I put the pearls and al;l the other d dads on there with the art wire.The one with the sun the same way , I had some thing with the sun on it and so I put it on the paper to see if it would be big enough if i traced it then I glued it on the piece of puzzle...and it worked.
Thank you for looking a my art..... just keep artingit UP......Thanks Mary R


"Timeless" Time is then Time is now! Time is when you sleep it never dies time, Time goes on and on we never think of it like that we get up and go to bed time keeps going on and on....So Why dont you , Take Time to En- joy The Simple Things In Life....... As they say stop and smell the roses!!....

Atc's Challegen's

These are the Challegen atc's .
I entered in the contest and if I win I get all the atc that entered so now iam waitting until the end of the month,,,,,when it is over.


These are some atc's Dolls we made on the atc paper , they all was so cute we uploaded them all ,this was a swap for the heads so this is what I made I use to be in this group where they would send you stuff in a envie and yu would make Atc from this envie, thanks for looking a my blog.


Light house swap, Iam hosteing a swap I have about 8 to 10 peple in the swap .. These are my atc's I did ...The paper I painted first and then stamped in black ink over the painted back ground.....

Christmas Cards

These are a Christmas card I had cut for the re-make in 2008 but I liked it so much I couldn't give it up so i make 3 diff sizes of tags and make it so the hooked together and it worked and ever one ask me how I did it ,I love it and it was easy and fun ..not so fast .....I wanted to make sure it would all work together so i only cut a small part of the card off at a time so that each part would connect. you can see wher the fox's tail is on both sides of the card and then the tree on both sides of the card....

Christmas Remake's

Christmas Re-makes!
Hi these are what we called Christmas cards
Remake's and we made them in to a Atc...what you do is to take an OLD Chrismas card and cut it until you can piece it on to a ATC, its fast and fun,I really like doing these.
Lavin Like to do these remakes she is our group Blindswap , I hope you dont mine me puting your name in my blog.....

Mary Redford

Hello for those of you that never meet me I'am Mary Redford ,
I'am 55 and I live in long beach Calif, for now .... I love to have my grand kids around there are 3 boys and they are all teenagers Dillon's is 17 and Cody is 13{brothers} and then there is Justen he is 14 in Nov.....real soon , I love to art with my rubber stamps I love to make Act's Greeting cards , Post Cards, 3x3's cards and 4x4's cards they are a mini square card,This is how i keep busy with my days I try any way thank you for reading my blog........................./