Sunday, March 25, 2012

House Swap

Here is a house I hand made BC I lost my ten-plate / So I had to try and made them from memory and I messed up a couple but then I got it  so Of course I had to do Asian theme it was any theme you liked  and the writting is a Asain saying Good Luck.
Thank you for beimng here at my blog and seeing my Art....
 This is sunday 3/25/12 Thank you for looking.

Pink CD for a Swap

This is a Cd for a Swap we was doing in a group I been with this group since about 2003 iam not to sure but I can ask the owner Iam sure it in her files some where O really like this CD hopw it turned out I just had giot  some new SU  sets and these are some of the flowers I had gotten O like this one I took some white yarn and Crochet the hanger for this CD. Thank you for looking at my blog.....

Fan Mingle

This is one of the % fan's I made for a mingle we have going on in our group I really Like this one It is a full card and the  Asian writing  means Good Luck and I addred3 pearls at the top and the fan was embossed with silver Embossing power.Thank you for looking at my blog.