Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thank You Card

I was sending out thank you notes to people that sent me
   cards  when Kathy (my sister) passed away thank you for
stopped by my blog I love this paper I used.

Mary Redford                                     3/17/18

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mothers Day Card

Here is a stamp from Gina K  its a old one but I embossed it and the add color to the flowers I love the flowers.....
Thank you ...
Mary Redford                                      3/14/18

Lady in Red

Here is a new card I just made last night went to Tuesday Morining
  and bough some new stamps and some dies too and got the Zazz!! and it blue I'am not so sure what it is for much I will fine out for 31 cents I couldn't pass it up...... Thank you for dropping by my blog....
Mary Redford                                                            3/14/18

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stencils moving around .

here is a new card we just made use-ing a stencil and moving it around and around and this back ground  came out great...thank I made a card to trade in my group .
Love the way it came out.
Thank you for dropping by:
Mary  Redford                                            3/13/18

Hand made Canvas

Hello all here is a Canvas I stamped and painted iam so glad it came out so good ,Look at the grass and the ground some in and the mountains in the top and at the back of all this getting cold the birds are taken off for the winter,
 Thank you for dropping by.
   Mary Redford                               3/13/18

4 x 4 flowers card

4x4 flowers for the lottery ATC-Fun 
Here is a card I made for the lottery in a group I belong to
  this flower stamp is from Unity I love there stamps....
I have many.Thank you for stopping by:
  Mary  Redford                                         3/13/18

tea bag cards

First card I made 

  Here is my Tea bag cards and I think they come out real good I was surprised  how they came out ..thank you for stopping by blog.
Mary Redford                                                             3/13/18 
 Card number 2  tea bag