Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Here is a card I made for the Mother's Day's In Our Asian Group love
doing Black and White Cards , they just stand She is telling him a story
to let him know she loves him more than any thing and he likes what he hears ,mother and a child ..
Thank you for coming by :
 Mary Redford

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Card

Here is a card I just made last week for a Friend  for Easter
it's a brandnew die cut I just had got and I through it was so pretty. Thank you for looking.....

MaryR       4/13/17

Napkin I mod-poge

Here is a flag I had done with some mod-poge   what you do is take all the white paper off the back of the napkin and all you have left is the page with the picture lay it on a craft mat and add the white mod-moge to it from top to bottom and let it dry over night . in the AM you will be able to tell if you missed any spots when you take it up off the craft mat be careful how you peel it off and it will feel like glue that has dry-ed on your hands ( remember the white glue when you was a kid...That what it will feel like and then you add it to any thing you was to a wall a card a tag you name it a can-ves . thank you for looking at my art.
Mary Redford

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Tag

here is the tag I had made for Razza/ Panda she is in my group and she loves these panda she had saw another one done and ask me to make her one so here it is and she lives in the UK so I was honer to make it for her , she told me that was her nick name at home ..Thank you for looking ay my art.

Music ATC for a Swap

 Here is a few ATC's I made for a swap and they are all music and I used a music sheet for the back ground and than I added the Item i was stamping add them with foam tape so they would stand out ,thank you for looking at my art. 4/01/17  MaryR.

Feb valtines day tag

Hello here is a tag I had made for Valintines day and Its a 2017 I love making this tag .and I found this music thing I found attached to the tag thank you.and the word ALWAYS on the bottom...always will love you !! Mary R.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

jan 1016

                        just trying to fine a person or some one for my blogger or my blog it self I doint know what i have done to my blog but I cant up load my art from my computer and I have been doing it since 1999 so I dont know whta i have done to it but it will let me write and it will up load that but not a picture Just dont know what I have done....Can any one HELP me 
     Thanks MaryRedford