Friday, April 18, 2014


Hello my friends if you know me you know we lost Rusty on March 24 ,14 he was the best thing we ever had in our life except our kids of course I dont know why we love him so much he was sick since DEC , 13 when we went to get him at the kennel from they watching him while we went on a hoilday , he didnt seem him self so we waited a couple  days at mid night a week later LeRoy said some thing was wrong with him we took
him to the all night vet they said he had kennel Cough  so we got meds for that he seem he was ok for 2 days and the 2 days he didnt feel good you could tell .. well this went on all these months we keep taking back to our vet after the cough and we told him he not acting right and he told us there was somthing in his brain that wasnt right so he gave us some other meds  nso we gave then to him and we was getting low we would go get more well the end of feb we had him at the vet and they took the one aintboing away said it wasnt helping so , he gave him a med and a pain pill  and a predinzon it for infomion well he couldnt see on the right side of him he would walk in around circle to go to the water bowel and seem to do better down staries , our bed room is up starties so hubby sleep in the chair and I cat naped for 2 weeks in my chair he was getting worst we knew it too , I didnt want him to die at our house on the week end I didnt want my husband (LeRoy) to have to put him in the frezzer over the week end on March we had him back at the Vet it was like 15 of the month and he just sent him home for  god to take him but he didnt die and LeRoy  if he dont pass on Monday lets put him down I dont want him ro suffer like this  he never done any thing to devise this.  I agreed with him, with a heavy heart we put him down...we loved that dog so much i dont know why he was so young and I just woner if that was our  pushment for leaving him at the kennel for 9 days  I pray its not .RUSTY  we love you  little buddy
Rusty is here with us we had him creamatided (SP) and he is in a beautiful pine box over where the TV is  yes I will never for get him
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