Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 2013 / MIM ATC's

Here are my MIM for Jan Thiese are not as good I think as I saw pats they are beautiful I guess we all have diffrence things to work with and i wasn't sure what to do with a bottole of ink and I through I had some old bottles of perfurm
to put with the bottle but I only had one they was all old maps and it was like a map to paris.
and then some thank you for looking at my art.
MaryRedford    1/08/13

Angel Cards

In ATC__fun we angel cards for other some times and this is the red of I did like the yellowone and they both came out so pretty and I love the writing on it just some simple just a hello  , your on my mine  just wanted to say I hope you are better .. and I hope They can smile for a minunte or 2 , and the ribbon is like a cute one I dont do bows to well and this one is just a couple of knots  and looks good too thank you for dropping by  Love it when you do .....MaryRedford  1/8/13

Angle card

I am the angel In our group ATC--Fun or one of them I dont know how many we have , but I made 2 of these cards and send them out to the ladies that was not feeling to good or was sick and I love the way this one came out I love this stamp set the flowers is great and I think the other one was red Iam not sure now but Thank you for dropping by my blog I love it when you all come by
Love you all !!
MaryRedford 1/8/13