Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Card #8

This card I saw it on Amy's weeks of Christmas and I wanted to do her proud, I Love watching her do her cards and her videos and I never saw any one take a small punch and use it for a in dent for the bakers twine so I did learn some thing new and I love the white on white I didnt think I would but it so eleglent Thank you Amy , you insprier me all the time. and I know you are busy with the shop and the kids and they family but there is some of ladies you help out here on line . Thank you  So much ....
Mary Redford

Christmas Card # 7

I watch a video the other night and saw this card so I wanted to try and make it as you know the PC dont do cards justeice when you are looking at white on white so the 2 inches around this card is glittler and then I made the snowman and just markers to add some color to it and the Marry Christmas is stamped in black ink and there is a veres in side . Thank you for coming by my bog.....