Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Card Story

Here is a big stamp( Thank you Pat Walker ) I stamped it with black ink and then I used Color pencles and I add some stars at the corners , I didnt add any saying on it I didnt think it needed it at all it tells the storey if you \just take a look at what the stamp is saying  and the shine of the Sun. Thank you for staying here anbd Listening to the story we had to tell , Thank you for dropping by MaryRedford 1/21/14

Christmas Cards

Here is a great card with some trees, the lady that lives around the corner at my house her name is Sally she loved this card so I sent it to her she was over here one morining  and was looking at my art cards and said hey Mary I love this one BC the trees are on it . she is a really nice lady we send stuff back and forth all the time ,thank you for dropping by
MaryRedford 1/21/14

Christmas cards

I think this was the best card I made this year it came out so good I belong to a group SMMR and they Put it on the banner on the group I feel so proud of my self for making it I should have  made more of them but I was so busy at the time so I want you all to see all my cards that didnt get one Thank you for dropping by , MaryRedford 1/21/14

My Christmas Cards

Here is a Christmas I saw from Gina K's and through I would try and make one and I made a green one too and I like how it came out I didnt have the same stamps she had so I used this wishing you a merry Christmas woith the music  notes and it came out great most people would tell me about the saying on the card.thank you for dropping by , MaryRedford  1/21/2014

Christmas Cards 2013

Hello this is from a lady that send me a card at christmas
in a group iam not even in any more I didnt like the way they run it they did have reguarl swaps so I left  but this card started my new yr and making over 50 christmas cards.thank you for coming by my blog I love \having my bog, Mary Redford 1 /21/14