Saturday, April 24, 2010

OSA Challegen # 45

This is a card I made for this Challgene
it was a green and blue  in color, This was done with copie markers and they are so lovley to use , Thank you for looking at my blog ......

OSA CHallegen #44

This is a gisha on this green back ground  you can see it too good , BC it too dark I should have printed it on a cs and the glued it to the card ... thanks for looking remines  me of the woods....

Challegen #43

This is a OSA Challegen Blue butter fly
it looked like a road up and down and a butter fly flying away...thank you for looking ....

Challegen OSA Layout # 42

This card folds in and out this is a open
part of it  and it has a ribbon that ties in
the front It was the first one I had ever made. this butter fly paper was some paper i had saved a while the decided to use on this layout...That why its  has Hello , Your great, Huggs, Thank you!!

  Thank for looking.....