Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Tag

here is the tag I had made for Razza/ Panda she is in my group and she loves these panda she had saw another one done and ask me to make her one so here it is and she lives in the UK so I was honer to make it for her , she told me that was her nick name at home ..Thank you for looking ay my art.

Music ATC for a Swap

 Here is a few ATC's I made for a swap and they are all music and I used a music sheet for the back ground and than I added the Item i was stamping add them with foam tape so they would stand out ,thank you for looking at my art. 4/01/17  MaryR.

Feb valtines day tag

Hello here is a tag I had made for Valintines day and Its a 2017 I love making this tag .and I found this music thing I found attached to the tag thank you.and the word ALWAYS on the bottom...always will love you !! Mary R.