Sunday, July 20, 2014



here is Rusty when we first got him I think we got him in 09 iam not sure or it might have been in 2010 man I just cant remember I just know out orther dog Yancy passed and I waited a while before we got Rusty and he hate his picture taken I know it dont look like it but that why we dont have a lot of photos of him and he passed away
3/24/14 with a heavey heart I love this guy so much  he was they best dog ever he was so sick in DEC of 13 when we cam home
Calif to fine he sick and he lasted until Mach of 14 I was him to know he is in our heart every day and we loved him so very much.
MOm& dad.....

Doll stamp Tag

Here is a tag i had made for my friend kathy and she has about
4 or 5 of my tags I just got  a new doll  stamp and  I cant wait  to make her a new one  and this one is called the Party Girl we will see how it comes out iam so excited to make her a tag its when a while since I made her one.but she seems to be younger than the other ones  we will see..thank you for droping buy....
MaryRedford .       July 20 2014