Friday, November 30, 2012

CC403/ and SC413 Card

Here is a card I made for a site Iam on I like trying to make card they make even if i sdont have the same pretty paper  so here is what I made for SC413 and CC403  I like the way it came out  this set is so cute thank you for droping by my bog Thanks... MaryRedford

doddle and it looks like Dimones

This is a free hand doddles I made over the yrs,looks like  dimones  thank you for coming by my blog I been doing a lot of Christmas cards thanks again      MaryRedford 11/30/12

Lay Out Challenge word ( LOVE)

Here is α  lay out  I  have made for my group challenge word  LOVE  this is real picture 's of Us  my husband and  I . we was married  in  1973 we been together since 1971، the  bottom picture is when  we  was  just going  together and  وthe picture at the top .was when We going to get married from the JP . This picture is after we said I do  و.thank you for dropping by :Mary Redford

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas leaves 4x4's hangers

Here is a set of 4x4's I had made a couple years ago and I want you to get a chance to see them I keep them wrap up in tuess paper or a paper towel I dont want they to get lost and the are hooker togther with art wire  about a 20 gage I belive  they are so nice I hang them on the wall at Christmas time  they diffrence types of flowers off of Chrismas trees . thank you for droping by...Mary Redford

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here is a 12 day's  of Christmas I had made like in  2009 maybe, and every one like it so much I had to make my Mother and my 2 -girl's one too so that was 4 totally and they all just love it ,Each one has a diffrence number on it 1 thru 12  and it is done on black  velvet... and the vintage look is done with instant coffee .. I hope you like looking at my bog . Have a Merry Christmas !MaryRedford  11/28/2012 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The rest of the Christmas Cards 2012

Here are the rest of the cards I made to send out to the family , so I through I would sent to friends if they send one well I would send one back , so here they are there was about 25 totally and I was working on a new one when I was watching the Wife to night iam not so done yet...I dont think any way  thank you all for making my 2012 a great yr for my art my ATC's and my Cards all of them and I love doing the Asian cards alot I hope they dont get discaraged and stop doing the Challegen ,I love doing it but need to give these cards away... any one know where I can send them they are Asian or I would love to send them to the troops . That might be ok too ..... have a great night.

Bunch of Christmas Cards I have made for 2012

well here is a bunch of cards I had made over the week end and I had to get them in the mail to day so I would be to late with them going all over the place  so I just put them all omn the scaner and here they are each and every one has a little storey about it  buit thats for another time.. Thank you for stoping by take care .Merry Christmas !! its a little early but thats ok . MaryR.  11/25/12