Tuesday, August 7, 2012

OSA Lanters

This is a Card I made for a COTM  and its Asian too I love the colors of this card  and the lanterns should have been a darker color now I look at it on the screen Thank you for looking you always learn when you look at it again..... Thank you for looking at my art.

OSA Challenge #183

This is a card  made for the OSA group Challenge I love this stamp and then I cut in 3 times at 2' each and put a black matt on the back and the card is black and a white mat and then I had a long chip board foot long  and was cut to fit this card you cant see it but there are whole on the side of this strip and I make the black marks on this chip board I think the way it came out. Thank you for looking at my Art.

Asain Boat

 This is piece of Journal I was messing around with ad I love the way it looks if you look at it with a Asian eye I think Margo was right it looks like a Asian Boat in the Ocean I couldnt make it again..... Thank you for looking at my Art...