Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our fury baby

Here is a picture of my baby so if I take about our baby so now you know what he looks like and yes he has a thing in his ear we got him about 4 years ago and he is a little bad boy buit we love him and he is so rotten he does stink... But we love him ......
Thank you   for dropping by .
take care ..

Paper Craft Library

Here is a Card I made from a card that Tracy from the PCL. they make cards and I try my hand at what they make except mine has 2 more trees on it , it looked so plain so taht why I added some more to it . I love the brown color card stock behine the green  paper Thank you for coming by to see my cards .
Mary Redford


Thanks A greeting Card

This is a greeting card of fall I found these
leaves they are cutters and I had the over a year
before I decided I wanted to cut them to use it on cards ,I dont get how you emboss them just yet bc when I try it I mess them up ..... thank you for coming by to see what I made this week....