Friday, March 2, 2012

Circles of friends

I made this card Bc it was fun and the circles was so cute  and the ribbon just worked just right and I like making card I saw this one made from some one eles and they want you to make a card useing your stach so this is what I came up with Injoy its my bed time lol. Thank you!  for droping by, MaryR

OSA Challenge #160

This is a card we made for the OSA challenge  and I liked to make this card but the way it was cut isnt the right way I dont think it was post to be on a angle  and i dont the I angle enough like onme end should been 2' and the other end 3'  it does look like its swaying  and the red helps it also ,Thank you for looking at my blog . MaryRedford

Card for my emages for in OSA group

Here is my card I made to send to the  of my OSA group  and it was so nice it come out so good  what you think I just happen to fine this picture of the lady and her deer so I added the black paper under it .... and I through ohh wow they are friends ,,,, thanks for droping by: