Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asain Swap

Here is some ATC's I have made for a swap,
 I just got mybunnystamp,
  and I love it too that one is new and the butterfly
 is new also...That Bunny I been trying to get get it for I know about 5 years, they had it on e-bay
but it started at a 100.00 and I only gave like 12.00
for this one and it looks to me the same one...
I sure was suprised!! and I really love it ....Thank for reading my blog......see you again.....

Asian Happy birthday card Jan ,10

This is a new Birthday card it is all one big stamp and then you have to decide what color you want it and where at I love to use chalk on a stamp like this one that why it's al diffrence color BC with chalk you can have it your way,
Iam working on 6 diffrence thing to send in for the happy biurthday group.....we will see what i come up with ...
this is the first post i have made in the new yr....I havent made much since christmas....Happy new yr to all my friends.............................Jan 12, 10