Sunday, September 15, 2013

Halloween Tags

Here is the last  one of the tags it's one with poison Ivy of course it has a skull on the front of the bottle oh my it looks dangerust keep it out of childrens reach for sure lol  and it has spiders webs in the back of this bottle so keep it up high , Thank you for dropping by my bog to see my art , MaryRedford 9/14/13

Halloween Tags #3

Here is a tag for Halloween just made them and going to mail them tomorrow This one is a Vampire juice is it so cute an bloodie all over the place what you think.....Thank you for looking at my art , MaryRedford   9/14/13

Halloween Tags

Here is some Tag I made for Halloween There are 4 of them these are for a swap, anthis one is spider and a black Cat I love halloween for swap and I love giving out candy to the Kids that comes around  our kids are all grown up In joy My tags there one in the bottom  has a kilet that the bat just flew out of It kind of cute ..Thank you for dropping by  MaryRedford 9/14/13