Monday, January 28, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Card

Here is a cherry Blossom card I made 2 just a like  and the paper was pink &red and I hand coloreded all the blossoms some are a diffent color but still pink with a dark center and I love this stamp it is a big clear stamp and this is the first time useing it ,and the  the Asian writting I dont know what it mean I wishe I did
one day some will tell me what it means I hope but then If i knew I might not iuse it lol,,,,,,
I mailed them and I hope Sandra, and Rosemary will like them. Thank you for having me in your group.....
MaryRedford   1/29/13

Journal from A - Z

Here is a journal page I made for  a group and it was for the A-Z challegen and when I through of  the letter A it had to be Apples so that why I did the Apples I love it came out really nice and now it 's looks so nice to me thank you for dropping by my bog I love boggling with my art, MaryRedford  Jan19,13