Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crane Card

This card was made for my dear friend SandraG.. she has sent me these per printed Cranes From StampinUP witch I already have but I dont think she knew it I had taken a lot of my stamps to the new house in Indiana  BC we arte moving real soon and trying to pack some stuff upso when she sent me these Cranes I made her a Card and this is what I came up with , it has had a lot of colors in it and I know she was suprised I use the ten foil gold looking on this card and its from a specail bottle we get some time's and its on the neck of the bottle and I put it on this card  under the orange  writting
Thank you for looking ....Sandra Iam so glad you liked your card....


Fall card

Happy fall card I made to show off my tree once again I love this stamp I got it at hobby Lobby I think  but it really a great stamp hate the way this scanner works we will be getting a new one real soon I don't  have the size set just right and don't know how to calibrate it I guess, I even tryed to move the card on the belly of the scanner buy  it dont help..thank you for looking at my small Card... Thank you for stoping by my blog and all the coments I love them all good or bad,,lol wink....