Saturday, September 15, 2012

OSA #187

Here is a card IO made for the OSA  group  you cut all your pieces and then you   stamp your white  and add your dark paper and this is what you get I really like this one. Thank you for looking .

Hand made Roses

These are some roses I hand made  iam proud of thease BC I never made things like this beforeI even forgot I had the leaf punch ... Thank you for coming and looking at my art ,I try very hard.Thank you so much....

Tombe stones

Here are some tombestones I made for a swap in Our ATC-Fun Group  and I think I did a good job I even hand cut them out and some one through They was pre- cut  and the ghost I hand drew I never try and draw to much BC I cant draw..iam doing better now /Thank for looking at my blog.

OSA CHallenge #189

here is the card I made for the challenge 189 this week for OSA. Thank you for coming and checking out my art . The Asian writing at them bottom is LOVE......................Thanks

Kanji meaning love

Here they are on vac in the mountains and he is telling her how much he loves her and she is messing with her flowers and not really listeing to what he has to say  in the mean while she will get the hint and she will know how much he really loves her it 's in  his body lengo  look at him ... he Kanji her.
Thank you for looking at my art ......

Cranes at play

Here is a card I made for a mingle I love these birds and the way the hold there heads and there necks it's like they are talking to you saying iam here look at me! and In this one the brown is makes it look so fall ..thank you for looking .