Friday, October 9, 2009

Christmas Cards #4

This is the last of the Christmas cards we had a workshop,you make 4 differnce cards and 3 cards of each , = 12 cards. That I just showed you what we made so we have
started making Christmas cards early,
 I love making Christmas cards ...Any time  just keep arting it UP.

Christmas Card #3

This is a Rinedeer with this pretty Christmas paper and the brown
just set it out ,its an oblong card with nothing inside. We do this so you can write anything you want too , remember to just do what you do, and just keep arting it up!

Christmas Card 2009 #2

Here is another one if them 12/12 cards
made at the su work shop.I love this stamp set...

Christmas cards 12/12

This Christmas was made at a SU work
shop it was make 12 cards in one work shop,,it was much to make in one afternoon.. but you know when I bring
some thing home not done ,I never
finish it , it will lay in a work up box for a while so that why I like to get them all dome in that same day.Thank ytou for looking at my art...Just keep arting it UP!!

3 tags for Christmas Card

This is a 3 tag that links in to get each other.the bear first and the deer and the fox and then theres the Christmas you can see if one piece
is gone it all not together it all fixs to gether.


These ladies was made for a swap
they came out pretty nice a vintage look!
ands it was called a Black&white
vintage Ladies....

New cardfs we have made