Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OSA Tangam Asian Puzzle

 Here is 2 card I made for this mingle  and I mucy say they did come out real good this yr , we wont even talk about last yr I was so emburise Last yr .Yes these are dancing  men  and the first one has a napkin back ground  and then I add the puzzle like dancer, #2 has a paper back ground with a stamped around the edges  with green dancer . Thank you for looking at my bog please come again.... I try to up dare it every month if I can.
Mary Redford


I Love Lucy Swap

Here is a few ATC's I made for a swap in Jeannie group
and they are I love lucy as you all know we all love her show for many years  so I couldnt say no when its the big Ticket like them
They loved what they did and injoyed there life on the big screen.
Thank you for looking at my art.


ACE-13 OSA Kanji - meaning LOVE

Here is a picture  I found That I through he was trying to tell this young lady He love d her and taht what out theme was to fine something of the meaning of love it was a swap of 2 you sent 2 and get 2 back and this is one of mine . Thank you for looking at my art...... and yes I did add some color to  the Picture .....



OSA Challegen # 191

Here is the Challegen card I made for the challegen in OSA group it has a lavender base with a gold pattern paper with a Asian  writing at the bottom , Thanky ou for looking at my Art.... MaryR


Library Challegen

Here is the challegen I did for the library  today
and it looks like Tracey  I love doing this one I dont Imboss much and it was fun again just getting in there and imbossing again.
Thank you for reaching me this one BC it can be done in any color setting from lite to dark.