Tuesday, February 28, 2012

OSA My Bunny's

Here is my my Bunny's for a Mingle and we had to make 4
 cards and send them to 4 diff rence people on our list
I really love working with this stamp its a square stamp and if you just want the bunny  you have to cut it out  and I added some jewles to the back of it , they sone show up on the blog thank you for supporting me . MaryR

NEW ATC's Circle's

New ATC's These are done  on shinie paper and the back ground is done with a damp paper towel and add or dappe a reinker to the paper towel about 3 or 4 diffrence  colors  to the towel  and let it dry  turn your paper and add the colors again and pull from the top to the bottom and I love how it was a new plaid looking BG, In joy!!

OSA #161

This is a new Challegen That I made for OSA my Asain Group and it canme out so good I really like this one I just wished I had done it in a lighter color so you could see it better and around the windows I laced it with gold cant see it on the picture here . thank you for looking at my blog  ......

Feb 28, 2012