Sunday, September 13, 2009

Puzzle piece's

These are a 3x3 pieces I had my friend make some of these and then I made some of these I arted them up my self.....she {Billie} draw out the puzzle it self as you can see they are all the same except the one with love on it that the first one I made , that was taken off of a post card I had made so I just copyed it so I could use the letters
and the flowers and then I put the pearls and al;l the other d dads on there with the art wire.The one with the sun the same way , I had some thing with the sun on it and so I put it on the paper to see if it would be big enough if i traced it then I glued it on the piece of puzzle...and it worked.
Thank you for looking a my art..... just keep artingit UP......Thanks Mary R

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