Friday, January 24, 2014

Tag- Zentangle

Here is a Zentangle I been trying to do more and more it is
hanging in my art room I love trying new ones all the time they
send me a e-mail every week if I think I can make it I will try
and this one dont look so bad I made a new ATC today and I will scan it tomorrow , Thank you for dropping by.
MaryRedford   1/23/14


Vicki said...

Hi Mary, great start on using Zentangles. It is a fun way of doodling.

Nydia Dominguez said...

Every once in a while I will pop out a zentengle. It is a great way to unwind too! Love your tag! Keep it up!

Cherry Otting-Heath said...

Hi Mary, I love your zentangle. I, really like the Friend Connect. We, can share so much. Your Friend, Cherry Otting-Heath 2-1-14.

Cherry Otting-Heath said...

Hi Mary I love to doodle by make envelopes and stationary. I, will send you some. Peace, Cherry Otting-Heath