Thursday, May 2, 2013

MIM Atc.

These ATC ,they send you a card stock with a stamped emaged on it and you are to pput it in a ATC so I decided it looked like Jerry Lewis So i put some muisc around you know he love to sing and play funny jokes on you and talkout his nose ,Really My husband  said thathe looked like Jerry and taht why I made the ATC like this .I had fun doing it too .Thank you for coming by my bog have a good week , MaryRedford 5/2/13

4 X 4 for a book we are making in M&M ATCs

Here are a couple of 4x4's I did with boom's and I change the color of them The top one will be the one I will send in I belive , It not so bright and I love doing these I had to stamp them first and then decided how many booms you will want on the card and the just start stamping I love these .Thank you for dropping by my bog have a great rest of the week , Hope it dont rain,. MaryRedford 5/2/13

Nature in the mountains

Here is a picture I made in black Ink I stamp it and it was like 5 stamps and then I heat set it and than I let it set about 2 days and then I colored it with Prisma Pencils and the Colored is at the bottom  tell me what you think ,I love doing nature things  trees and rocks  mountains  the rocks are real hard to fine , in rubber stamps ...
Here is the one with color.... thank you for dropping by
My bog I havent been here in a while .
MaryRedford     5/2/13

Monday, April 29, 2013

OSA challegen #221 Card

Here is a asian card I made for a challegen and it came out ok It took me a long time to make this one , Its a 41/4X 5.5 card and I turn it side ways to get it all on the card Thank you for dropping by my bog. have a nice week....MaryRedford 4/29/13

Black Plus a color (purple)

Here is the card I made for the OSA black Plus a color I used 2 diff colors of purples on this one it kinda  dark to me , Thank you for come by my bog..... The bottom say's  Happy Birthday ,Thank you ,MaryRedford 4/27/13


Here is a piece of 4x6 Page I was trying to marble some pages and I got this blue to work it is a Restal -water Ink or a Air brushing  ink and I  found this blue and I found some black but the black would only bloch in places  on the page and the blue working out well and Oh yes I used shiney paper it was  Photo paper  4X6 I got from the dollar store . thank you for dropping by my bog. MaryRedford 4/27/13

OSA Challenge # 220

Here is a card I did for the OSA group and I like the way it came out with the ladys picture in the middle and Ribbon too with the round of the card and then it goes straight on the straight side .....Thank you for popping by my bog.MaryRedford 4 27/13