Friday, April 27, 2012

Thinking Of You / Get well card

Here ia a card I made for a lady (Suzanne D.) is in the hosptail she got bit or mulled by a pit bull dog  and I wanted to make her a card telling her we all in OSA was praying for her to get back on her feet real soon and we all are so sorry this happened to her , its only been 2 or 3 MOS that she had broken this same leg from what I got from this group I hope you are not in to much pain taht they cant help you my dear friend...... MaryR

Mothers day card #2

Here is a mothers day card I decided to send to my mother and I took a lot of time with this one It come out so nice iam real proud of this one I been watching Amy R and she madeing a lot of diffrence mothersday card and this is one like she made and I finished it with some nice words and paper on the in side as well and I like to thank AmyR for teaching me to slow down when ,making  a card I have learned a lot from her and I also learned you can make the alsome some card with your own stach...... thank you  U2 TV also......
 Friday 4/24/12               Mary

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mothers day Card

Here is a Mothers days card I have made I might make another one dont know yet , AmyR. made this card and I really liked it but My mom loves butterflies  so I might do a butterfly card,don't know just yet. Thank for looking.

ACE-13 Group for May

Here  is the other card I made for  May's  Swap  in our group the back ground is diffrence and is black and white and black again,,,,Thank you for lookingat my blog.....

ACE-13 Group for May

This one is for the group ACE-13  for May we send out 3 cards a month  and iam just early this month I hate being late when Iam doing a card every month I just need to know whom to send to I love this one Thank you for looking at my  Blog.....

OSA Challegen #168

This is a card I did for the challenge this week we get a new one every sunday  so taht gives you 7 days to see what you will make I been doing a lot of black & white it just look better than all the colors  This is means beautiful with 3diffrence 1 inch boxes and a ribbon at the top so this is what I came up with and of course a saying on the side. this one was easy... Thank you for looking at my blog , today is Monday  4/23/12

OSA Challenge #167

Well this one was a hard one to do if i had put a diffrence color like black  in the middle it would have looked better I made 3 before I was Ok with what I did , I guess thats why they call it a challenge thank you for looking at my blog and leaveing me a comment I love comments ......
Thanks !!!